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Otherwise, the system will display a POST error message indicating that a memory module must be installed in the black socket.

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The system will automatically operate in single channel mode, dual channel mode, or flex mode, depending on how the DIMMs are installed: The system will operate in single channel mode if the DIMM sockets are populated in one channel only.

The technology and device width can vary between the channels.

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In flex mode, the channel populated with the least amount of memory describes the total amount of memory assigned to dual channel and the remainder is assigned to single channel. For optimal speed, the channels should be balanced so that the buy ramp amount of memory is spread between the two channels.

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If one channel will have more memory than the other, the larger amount should be assigned to Channel A. With this configuration, 2-GB will run as dual channel and MB will run as single channel.

In any mode, the maximum operational speed is determined by the slowest DIMM in the system.

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Memory Socket Loading.