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Instagram Information about funds on this website has been prepared as marketing communication and does not constitute investment advice. You should always consult with your advisors before investing and get familiar with your investor rights in the prospectus, the key investor information, and information regarding complaints handling.

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Read more » With respect to Investment Advisory Services, a US Person is a natural person resident in the United States; or a company or partnership incorporated or organized in the US, but excluding an offshore branch or agency of a US Person that operates for valid business reasons and is engaged and regulated as an insurance company or bank; or a branch danske bank finland agency of a foreign entity located in the US; or a trust of which the trustee kaip namie uzsidirbti pinigu a US Person, unless a non-US Person has or shares investment discretion; or an estate of which danske bank finland US Person is the executor or administrator, unless the estate is governed by foreign law and a non-US Person has or shares investment discretion; or a non-discretionary account held for the benefit of a US Person; or a discretionary account held by a US dealer or fiduciary, unless held for the benefit of a non-US Person; or any entity organized or incorporated for the purposes of evading US securities laws.

With respect to Broker-Dealer Services, a US Person is any customer present within the United States, other than a customer who resided outside of the United States at the time his or her relationship with Danske Bank was established and who—when present in the United States—is neither i a US citizen including a dual citizen of the US and another countryii a US lawful permanent resident i.

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